Student (free)

What is an Inspire Student?

An Inspire Student is a non-voting member whose qualifications include being currently enrolled in a learning institution and who may participate in supervised research and publish papers.

It is desirable for a Student to have an Inspire mentor or advisor, and if you already have an Inspire Advisor please let us know during your application. Otherwise we will disseminate to existing Inspire Scientists your research interests and supporting information that are submitted in your application in order to assign to you a suitable mentor or advisor.

What does an Inspire Student membership entail?

A Student has the rights of Patron and additionally:

  • May also participate in non-funded and funded Inspire Institute research programs with permission of the respective Principal Investigator and the Student’s advisor

  • A Student may submit research papers through an internal review for publication approval or rejection using the Inspire Institute byline, to include the Student’s advisor

What are the costs to become an Inspire Student?

None, it is free to affiliate as an Inspire Student!

How does one become associated with Inspire as a Student?

Apply to Inspire as a Student by first creating a website account (if you don’t already have one) and then filling out the membership application here .