Senior Scientist

What is an Inspire Senior Scientist?

An Inspire Senior Scientist has a MS and/or Ph.D. degree in a scientific discipline from an accredited university, as well as prior publications in the general area of research being conducted and any other qualifications deemed necessary as determined by the Membership Committee.

What does an Inspire Senior Scientist membership entail?

A Senior Scientist has the rights of a Research Scientist and additionally can solicit funding beyond the approved list of research funding organizations with the approval of the President.

What are the costs to become an Inspire Senior Scientist?

Membership at the Senior Scientist level is US $20.00 per year (the fee is waived if a member contributes to Inspire by writing or presenting at least one paper per year, or participates in a committee).

How does one become become associated with Inspire as a Senior Scientist?

Apply to Inspire as a Senior Scientist by first creating a website account (if you don’t already have one) and then submitting your membership application here .