Inspire can be highly beneficial to both Students and experienced researchers alike in publication aspects of research, such as:

  • Inspire has available Senior Scientists and Fellows that have significant experience in journal publication and can provide pre-publication independent reviews of articles prior to publication submission which can significantly improve submissions:

    • help in using technical publication software and meeting requirements for publication submission

    • comments on technical aspects of work and areas where improvement is needed

    • comments on writing style and aspects of technical writing that are necessary for successful journal publication

    • providing synopses of work including significance of work to other members of Inspire and externally

    • provide assistance with editing, spelling, and grammar

Inspire Institute is also a US registered educational book publisher (i.e. Published by Inspire Institute, Inc.) for sale through vendors such as We have members that can help through all stages of publication from start to finish. We have expertise in:

  • Creating drawings, figures, etc. of sufficient quality for publication.

  • Software for automating bibliography creation

  • Software for incorporating equations and equation numbering suitable for book publication

  • Obtaining US ISBN numbers

    • Inspire is registered with Bowker Identifier Services

  • Intellectual property and copyright in publishing technical books

    • Utilizing photos, drawings, etc. within book (and other) publications .

      • Inspire is registered with RightsLink which dramatically improves the ease of obtaining copyright permission

  • Publication with We have members who have published on and have experience using KDP and other tools that can help answer questions and help with the publication process.


Inspire can help you improve your presentations by:

  • Providing review and comments on powerpoint or related presentations

  • Provide feedback to improve various aspects of presentation:

    • Style

    • Length of presentation

    • Organization of presentation

    • Technical aspects of presentation for technical presentation

    • Aspects of a presentation related to a proposal seeking funding

    • Many other related aspects of your presentation