Michael Steiner



Dr. Steiner received his BSEE (1986) Drexel University, MSEE (1988) and Ph.D. (1994) from the University Of Maryland, College Park. His advanced degrees are in Information Theory.  His current research is in the area of Foundations of Quantum Mechanics specifically on the measurement problem. During 2005-2007, Dr. Steiner was a member of Prof. Aharonov's Center for Quantum Studies where he conducted fundamental quantum mechanics research. In 2006 Dr. Steiner was a founding member of Inspire Institute, and is currently on the board of directors. During 2008-2010 Dr. Steiner was a member of the Chapman University Institute for Quantum Studies in the area of fundamental quantum mechanics.

Research Interests

Quantum theory of measurement


Professional Affiliations

Member APS

Paper Publications

Paper Title Authors Journal Reference Archive Reference Year
Measurement of a subsystem of a coupled quantum systemMichael Steiner, M. Frey, A. Gulian, R. W. Rendell, A. K. Rajagopal Proc. SPIE, Vol. 7342, 73420F2009
Paper Title Authors Journal Reference Archive Reference Year
Distinctive sub-dynamics features of bipartite systemsA.K. Rajagopal, A. R. Usha Devi, R. W. Rendell, Michael Steiner quant-ph2008

Paper Presentations